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Individual Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) in Santa María de Garoña Nuclear Power Plant


The Individual Spent Fuel Storage Installation (ISFSI) of Santa María de Garoña NPP is intended to store the spent fuel, which is destined to the Centralized Temporary Storage Centre in Villar de Cañas in the future, and thus, be able to extend the operation of the plant. This project arose when the spent fuel storage pools became saturated and no more fuel could be stored in them during the design life of the plant. IDOM performed the design, construction and commissioning of the ISFSI and its access area in SMª Garoña NPP facilities.

Within the design works performed by IDOM for the definition of the ISFSI, the design of two seismic concrete slabs on which 16 ENSA ENUN 52 B casks will be stored on each one was carried out as well as the design of the floor perimeter on which the PUMAC transport system will manoeuvre and the necessary electric and I&C systems. Furthermore, IDOM developed the basic and detailed design of the installation leading to the realization of Design Modifications (MD) in order to update the internal information system of the plant and the necessary changes in FSAR (Final Safety Analysis Report).

Besides these works, the project also included the supervision of the modification of the installation to suit it to the movement of casks loaded with fuel. This consisted of the review of design documentation of a new trolley for the crane, the analysis of the whole crane supported by the compilation of different reports verifying its correct design. At the same time, the document called “Request for authorization of the crane modification” was prepared, which was issued for its approval by the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN). A complementary task for these works was related to physical security of the ISFSI. All the safety systems, which will be implemented in the double and the radiological fencings, were designed.

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