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Strategic Plan and Pilot Project for Urban Development based on wellbeing


The Municipal Government of Barranquilla – a city of 1.2 million people – has decided to regenerate informal settlements, focusing urban development on achieving social and economic wellbeing for the population.

Within the “Development Plan 2012-2015 – Barranquilla blossoms for everyone” of the Municipal Government, IDOM has developed with the Inter-American Development Bank and the city of Barranquilla, the Strategic Plan and the Pilot Project to improve these informal settlements.

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Adoption of the Healthy City’ principles of the World Health Organization

The Strategic Plan prioritizes actions directed towards urban densification and environmental regeneration with the adoption of the Healthy City’ principles of the World Health Organization, in terms of the creation of a healthy, liveable urban environment and social cohesion, which guarantees a decent quality of life for nearly 24,000 inhabitants in an area of 160 hectares.

This is an opportunity to design/define urban transformation which can be replicated in other areas of southwestern Barranquilla and, thereby, encourage dynamic planning focused on the welfare of communities.

The Plan contemplates the legalization and management of the home ownership process, a proposal to mitigate the risk of vulnerable areas , the definition of suitable growth areas for decent housing, the provision of amenities and improved connectivity and functionality of the infrastructure networks and public transport with the rest of the city.

The Pilot Project specifies the urban design of 60 hectares and defines the inter-institutional, legal and financial management model.

The participatory component in the process used to develop the work has been important; several institutional actors and local population have been involved to find the best solution.

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