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Evolution of corporate and educational networks


IDOM has advised EJIE (the Basque Government´s Information Society) on the strategic planning for the WAN/MAN/LAN development of their networks. Support was provided both in the methodological process for preparing the plans as well as their development. These plans guarantee the future implementation of new ICT services, as well as the predictable convergence of the transportation of voice, data and images within the mentioned infrastructures, with the requirements for security, availability and reliability within which they have been established.

Developing the WAN/MAN/LAN Strategic Plan

With regards to the current situation, the desired development is aligned with the strategic lines which, in terms of technological infrastructures, are included in the 2006-2009 IT and Telecommunications Plan:
New ICT definitions

  1. Develop and update the network technology, towards services networks
  2. Support new services on the networks: IP telephony / VoIP / videoconferencing / telepresence / streaming and content distribution, etc.
  3. Implant initiatives related to mobility and universal access
  4. Promote the use of extranets and neutral points (interoperability with other agents)
  5. Improve security levels (access, authentication, encryption, etc.)

Based on the current situation and the lines included in the IT and telecommunications plan, as well as input from the network users and external users (other administrations), the services which the future network should support were established (requirements).

At the same time, the technological solutions offered by the service providers (Euskaltel, Telefónica, Jazztel, etc.) were studied, as well as those of technology providers (Juniper, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel). The implementation of these solutions in other administrative networks (Cataluña, Extremadura, Galicia, etc.) were also studied.

From the analysis of this information, different evolution scenarios were presented with regard to the technological model and the organizational model.

Based on strategic alignments and technical and economic criteria, the optimal scenarios for each of the three networks were decided. From these optimal scenarios, the strategic plans were developed. The plans were specified in projects, with an estimated execution period between 3 and 5 years. These projects were also assigned the human, technical and economic resources to be used, as well as the estimated planning to undertake them.

Finally, IDOM provided an assistance and support service to the Basque Government in the development and implementation of the defined strategic plans, coordinating the execution of several of the proposed actions.


Telecommunications :

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