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Andalucía II offshore substation – Study of electromagnetic fields


The Andalucía II Substation is part of the East Anglia One 714 MW offshore wind farm, located in the North Sea, and owned by Iberdrola. It is the largest AC marine substation built to date (early 2019).

The Andalusia II substation is installed on a 66-kV network, the energy coming from the 102 wind turbines (235 m high, 7 MW turbine) that make up the park. This energy is transformed to 220 kV and transmitted to the ground through an underwater cable.

For this project, Wikinger contracted IDOM to study the electromagnetic fields of the Andalucía II substation, using the FEM (Finit Elements Method) finite element methodology. The software used, ANSYS MAXWELL 3-D, has allowed the study to be carried out in a single model for the entire substation, incorporating the cables of the different networks considered, HV (220 kV), MV (66 kV) and LV (0.4 kV). The complete model has required a mesh of 2 million tetrahedra.

The study was presented by IDOM at the Ansys Innovation Event, held in Madrid in November 2018.

IDOM has carried out the 3D modeling of the structure of this station project, directly for Iberdrola.

  • Andalucia-II_Iberdrola_Substation_Electromagnetic-Fields_Proelsur_IDOM
  • Andalucia-II_Iberdrola_Substation_Electromagnetic-Fields_Proelsur_IDOM_3
  • Andalucia-II_Iberdrola_Substation_Electromagnetic-Fields_Proelsur_IDOM_1
  • Andalucia-II_Iberdrola_Substation_Electromagnetic-Fields_Proelsur_IDOM_2