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Support to the Owner during the Design and Construction Works for F4E in ITER Project


ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) aims to show that nuclear fusion can be a viable future energy source. IDOM participates in this project in partnership with two global engineering groups, Halcrow and Altran Technologies (Energhia), providing technical assistance and independent supervision in the design and construction phases of the project. The budget of the project has reached €15 billion and it is jointly financed by several important countries and the European Union. The project is thought to be one of the biggest technological and technical challenges ever faced and it is estimated that during the construction more than 5,000 employees will be directly involved in the works.

IDOM has been working on the ITER project for the last 6 years. In recent months important progress has been made in laying the foundations for the Tokamak Complex. The professionals of IDOM who are based on-site are dealing with different areas of specialization: HVAC, Instrumentation and Control (I&C), Electrical, Architecture, Interface Management and construction support. The necessary support is also provided from IDOM offices during the different phases of the project that require special dedication to meet the commitments.

IDOM has carried out a review of the engineering project, the assessment of compliance with the technical requirements of ITER and the status with respect to French Nuclear Regulations. IDOM is also working together with Fusion for Energy (F4E) on the budget review, planning, risk assessment and other aspects of the project. Furthermore, the consortium Energhia is in charge of supervision and monitoring of the design and construction works as well as managing on site activities.

Fusion : New Build

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Fusion for Energy (F4E)

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