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Sustainable and humane urban growth in Guatemala City


For over 100 years, La Pedrera Quarry, in the city of Guatemala, operated as a gravel quarry and cement production site. Located to the north of the capital city, it is one of the last large urban areas – 148 hectares – awaiting its adaptation to the urban surrounding and a recoversiontowards the improving of quality of life of city’s inhabitants
IDOM has defined a Master Plan to integrate the spectacular scenery of the quarry in a project that creates a new urban centre in the Greater Metropolitan Area of Guatemala City.

Designed so that the environmental impact and CO2 footprint are minimal

The diversity of land uses and building typologies creates a highly attractive urban location that represents a change in the urban development of Guatemala, towards a more humane and sustainable model.

More than 4,000 dwellings are expected in an enabling environment to live, work and play, which includes a conference center, a City of Knowledge, a hospital, a Museum of Mayan Culture, a hotel, a business center integrated with a shopping center, a football stadium and a multi-modal transport station. These are all complemented by community amenities which are connected by a network of public spaces while integrating green areas of high interest.

The project has been designed so that the environmental impact and CO2 footprint are minimal. The management of natural resources has been optimized through an efficient urban development project, including intelligent water management system and power generation system based on renewable energies – 100% of the energy demand will be covered with alternative sources associated with the proposed bioclimatic design.

An innovative eco-mobility model is proposed for the site, giving priority to pedestrians, bicycles and public transport within the neighbourhood and surrounding areas. The idea is to promote a compact urban growth, with attractive public spaces and the offer of efficient public transport (Transmetro), which favours further integration with the city. The urban impact on surrounding neighborhoods will be very positive, once the supply of amenities, local employment opportunities and leisure spaces has expanded.

Moreover, the project emphasizes the landscape integration of the quarry, creating a privileged balcony facing towards the northern mountains, a lake and a large park: the heart of the new center.

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Business Model
Design of Terminals and Transport and Parking Infrastructures
Eco-Mobility Plan
Housing and Amenities plan
Investment Plan
Landscaping & Urban Design Plan
Master Plan

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