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Sports, Retail and Cultural hub in Doha


Qatar is positioning itself as a premiumlocation for international sporting events, one of which is the 2022 Football World Cup.

To the west of Doha, the capital, close to architectural landmarks such as the Al Khalifa Stadium or the Aspire Dome, an important hub of urban, economic and sporting activity is being planned. The Master Plan being developed by IDOM under the auspices of ASPIRE, the government organisation in charge of planning and managing this type of sporting and cultural infrastructure.

An oasis in which a dynamic, urban and sporting lifestyle will be possible

The project covers 190 hectares, including a new urban centre committed to economic, sporting and cultural activities, with offices and more than 1400 housing units, centred around a commercial avenue with hotels and green spaces amounting to more than 78 m2 per inhabitant.

The aim of this park is to be a metropolitan oasis in which a dynamic, urban and sporting lifestyle will be possible within Doha.

In the first stage, IDOM has defined mixed-uses appropriate for this purpose, with a balance between commercial and sporting-cultural uses that aim for a definite urban character and continuous 24/7 use, adopting a city design with sustainability criteria.

During the last phase of the project,  guidelines will be developed for architecture, landscaping, mobility and infrastructure in accordance with the Qatar Global  Sustainability  Assessment  System  (GSAS),  on which the designs for urban planning and construction were based. Likewise, the creation of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) is included, in order to facilitate the design definition in later phases, incorporating a 3D model and the modelling of infrastructures, networks and underground galleries.

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