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Parabolic cylinder collector technology with thermal storage in China / 在中国的光热发电厂-抛物槽式集热器技术和储热

People's Republic of China

IDOM is collaborating in several important CSP plant projects in China. Two of these projects, where we provided design services, use parabolic cylinder collector technology:

  • The Delingha (50 MW) project is being developed by General Nuclear Power Corporation. Contracted by Samway (Shandong Sunway Petrochemical Engineering), IDOM has developed the basic and detailed engineering of the thermal storage system. Samway was awarded the turnkey project for the transfer and thermal storage (1,300 MWht) systems.
  • The Gansu Yumen (50 MW) project is being developed by Rayspower. Contracted by Inner Mongolia Power Survey&Design Institute, IDOM is supervising the basic engineering for the transfer and thermal storage (1,300 MWht) systems and the solar collector field.



  • 德令哈50兆瓦发电项目是由广东核电集团开发。IDOM被三维(山东三维石化工程有限公司)聘请去完成储热系统的初设和详设。三维公司中了这个交钥匙项目的标,其负责的部分是传热和储热系统(1300热能兆瓦)。
  • 甘肃玉门50兆瓦发电项目是由中海阳开发。内蒙古电力勘测设计院聘请IDOM来监督传热和储热系统(1300热能兆瓦) 以及集热场的初设。


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Basic Engineering
Detailed Engineering

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