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IDOM is actively participating in the development of solar thermal technology worldwide.

We have developed the basic and/or detailed engineering of 21 plants in the USA, India, Algeria, Morocco, China and Spain (> 1 GWe based exclusively on solar resources), using different technologies. The experience of IDOM covers both the power block, the solar field (with central tower or with CSP) and the storage of salts. 2 combined hybrid cycle power plants, associated with a solar field with CSP technology, have been developed in Africa.

Our services range from the preparation of feasibility studies, basic and/or detailed engineering, procurement management and construction supervision, to EPCM.

Eugenio Soto
+34 94 479 76 00

People's Republic of China
Parabolic cylinder collector technology with thermal storage in China / 在中国的光热发电厂-抛物槽式集热器技术和储热

IDOM is collaborating in several important CSP plant projects in China. Two of these projects, where we provided design services, use parabolic cylinder...

Crecent Dunes Concentrating Solar Power Plant in Tonopah – 110 MWe

Close to Tonopah (Nevada) a Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plant with a net capacity of 110MWe has been built. This plant is based...

Algeria, Morocco
Integrated solar combined cycles in Algeria (150 MW) and Morocco (450 MW)

IDOM has designed the first plants in the World to implement this technology. The ISCC (Integrated Solar Combined Cycle) plant are combined cycles...


Contributing to the safety of Thermal Energy Storage

November 26, 2020

Contributing to the safety of Thermal Energy Storage

IDOM has been active in Thermal Energy Storage systems in major renewable energy projects worldwide (some examples below).  We are pleased to announce our participation...

Global milestone in China: Pioneers molten salt for Fresnel CSP</br>中国里程碑:全球首座熔盐菲涅尔式光热电站

July 8, 2020

Global milestone in China: Pioneers molten salt for Fresnel CSP

The China Dunhuang Lanzhou Dacheng 50 MW molten salt linear Fresnel CSP project plant officially commenced commercial operation on June 19, 2020. To celebrate the...