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Territorial Development of the Guerrero, Oaxaca & Chiapas Coastal Region


The Coastal Region of the States of Guerrero, Oaxaca and Chiapas, extends over 1,338 km of coastline. Given the presence of economic activities such as international tourism, the network of ports and logistics centers, and the production of renewable energy, this is a territory with important geo-strategic and geo-economic potential for Mexico and Central America. These activities, can contribute to a scenario of balanced socio-economic development, inclusive and sustainable. They need to be set out in a Territorial Ordination Plan that defines the development model, while considering the vocation of the State, capable of guaranteeing economic and productive competitiveness of the region, without compromising social cohesion and protecting the environment.

Planned growth according to the vocations of the territory

The geographical situation of the Coastal Region, delimited by the sea and mountains, has shaped the circumstances of each territory, 135 municipalities, home to approximately 2 million people. The region presents territorial dysfunctionalities in the area of communication and transport infrastructure (capital cities and the center of the country), public services and amenities. These dysfunctionalities are the result of dispersed population settlements, factors which compromise the effectiveness of structured development and the consolidation of the main economic vocations: tourism, ports and logistics, and renewable energies.

In order to continue to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants and rectify the existing situation., the Territorial Ordination Plan concentrates on four main axes – Connectivity, Competitiveness, Human Development, and Environmental Conservation – establishing the bases for action for future planned growth, according to the vocations of the territory.

Likewise, the Plan identifies a set of strategic projects within each of the axes. Connectivity: consolidate the road network to improve the competitiveness of high impact strategic production centers; and the Ports Regional Plan, to define the positioning and specialization of the ports. Competitiveness: The Port of Chiapas Logistics Center will be an operational node for the import and export of goods of Mexico/Central America; or the Comprehensive Plan for the Development of Acapulco as an internal tourist destination of reference. Human Development: equip urban centers with water and sanitation infrastructure, education and health facilities. Environment Conservation: Prioritize projects to improve Waste Management, and create a Watershed Protection Program.

Economic and Regional Development

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Environmental Conservation
Human Development
Territorial Competitiveness
Territorial Planning • Sectoral Planning • Strategic Connectivity Projects

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