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Transport Information System of Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi has developed a strategic plan with a view to the year 2030, with the aim of guaranteeing sustainable infrastructures, in line with the desired quality of life for its citizens.

Within this plan, transport infrastructure must ensure the mobility and connectivity of the population through the development of new networks and means of transport.

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Transforming transport in Abu Dhabi

IDOM is collaborating with the Abu Dhabi Department of Transportation in the design and implementation of new applications based on a Geographic Information System (GIS). The GIS is conceived as an integration platform that will facilitate the interconnection of more than twenty information systems, both from the Department of Transportation itself and from external actors with direct influence on transportation planning.

IT Governance & Strategy : Smart Cities

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Department of Transportation (DoT) - Abu Dhabi

- 2018 -
Big Data Talent Award - II Big Data Talent Meeting. Madrid

Consulting & Software Development
System and Data Integration

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