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Upgrading the electrical system in the Puertollano Refinery


IDOM is providing specialized technical electrical engineering assistance for large industrial consumers, analysis of the Power System and upgrading or adaptation of new installations.

In the Puertollano Refinery, IDOM has designed the new infrastructure of the high-voltage supply networks for the Refinery and for the Industrial Consumers in the area.

Characteristics of the installation:

  • Substations for connection to the sub-transmission network
  • Segregation of assets between consumers in AT and subtransmission network
  • New distribution networks
  • New MT supply centers for industrial customers in the area

The scope of services provided by IDOM included:

  • Study for network integration
  • Basic engineering
  • Definition of the power control system
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Technical assistance during the purchasing phase
  • Technical assistance during construction
  • Technical assistance during FAT tests

Power lines

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Electrical Engineering
Power Consulting
Technical Assistance during the Construction Phase
Technical Assistance during the Procurement Phase
Technical Sssistance during FAT Tests

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