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Urban transformation in Luanda


The National Development Plan of Angola includes important infrastructure projects that will allow the country to make the leap from being a country with potential to being a truly rich nation. Actions included in the plan involve major improvements to the structural characteristics of the territory, including urban planning and sanitation for the capital Luanda.

This large-scale project undertaken by IDOM in Angola involved the Urban Transformation of 10 neighbourhoods in the capital Luanda. The scope of the project covers an area of over 2,500 ha in the city of Luanda. Some 650,000 inhabitants will see a substantial improvement in the quality of their life.

The project, following the recommendations of the United Nations for urban development, will encourage a mixed use structure to integrate new housing and facilities with employment development hubs leading, by this means, to accessibility for the population to the facilities and services, thereby fostering sustainable mobility and optimising the coverage offered by urban services and infrastructures.

A programme of future emblematic actions has been defined. These actions are necessary to revitalize and strengthen the competitiveness of the city. A management scheme has also been designed which focuses on the reinvestment of the capital gains generated, ensuring that urban improvement will be continuous and sustainable.

Bridges, Tunnels & Roads (BTR) :

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