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Building complete and well-connected ecosystems is the only way to address the complex challenges of technological evolution and sustainability

We help the industry transform by creating more sophisticated products and services that require the convergence of technology, knowledge, entrepreneurship, government and finance.

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IDOM is able to offer a comprehensive service in line with the latest market trends by combining financial capabilities with in-depth technical knowledge of the main sectors of activity.

These services include:

  • Structuring the pipeline of investment projects: Supporting public and private entities in the selection and prioritization of investment projects, generating a prioritized and scheduled portfolio according to multi-criteria factors. IDOM has successfully supported these processes in sectors such as transport infrastructure, communications, water treatment, real estate or waste management.
  • Feasibility and pre-feasibility of capital projects: Financial and economic analysis of investment projects, combining technical and financial analysis to develop complex, realistic models that provide comfort and confidence to investors and financiers.
  • Feasibility, structuring, monitoring and rebalancing of concessions/PPPs: Feasibility analysis and structuring, both integral and financial, of public-private partnership projects. In this field, IDOM has extensive experience in managing and supervising infrastructure and complex service structuring projects internationally. During the construction and operation phases, IDOM provides specialized monitoring and rebalancing analysis services and is present throughout the life cycle of these projects.
  • Investment/financing decision support: Support to financiers and investors by providing an impartial opinion on projects: IDOM supports international companies and entities from the financial or technical-financial DD to the support in attracting financing.
  • Detailed analysis and support to the financial activity: IDOM supports the managers of public and private entities in aspects such as the definition of cost-oriented tariff models, unit cost allocation models or the definition of refinancing structures.