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Water is the lifeblood of human activity

Water and the environment is strategic for the development of any country and region.

IDOM works actively in the field of planning and water management, supporting public and private entities in the development of master plans, basin plans, feasibility studies, public-private participation schemes and, in general, any activity related to the planning of the hydraulic resource and the development of the necessary management schemes.

Javier Fernández
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Hydroelectric Potential of Rivers

The Government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Laos has undertaken a nationwide support program for the integrated management of its water resources....

Water supply in the Sousse region

The Sousse region is one of the main tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. Although its base population is 400,000 inhabitants, in the periods...

Sanitation Plan for the Arousa Estuary

The estuaries of Galicia are one of the economic drivers of the region, not just for their natural and tourist value, but also...