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    Riyadh underground

    CLIENT: Riyadh Development Authority (RDA)

    SERVICES: Architecture and engineering projects

    YEAR: Ongoing

    COUNTRY: Saudi Arabia

    The city of Riyadh is simultaneously undertaking the first 6 underground lines of the city. The design for Line 3, 41 km long, is carried out as part of the consortium responsible for the project and building work led by Salini-Impregilo.

    The project includes the route, tunnel and viaducts, as well as the underground and over-ground stations and the workshops and sheds. Similarly, design also covers the roads and the scenic and urban interventions necessary for the infrastructure to blend in with the city. As for the subterranean stations, a completely new prototype had to be developed, given the width limitations imposed by the narrow streets of the popular Batha neighbourhood. This opportunity has been taken to increase the spatial quality of the stations and to let sunlight in, all to improve the passengers’ orientation and experience.

    Architecture - ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN