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30th of August 2019: inauguration of Puy du Fou Park in Toledo

IDOM being chiefly in charge of the project

On August 30th 2019, the first night show of the Puy du Fou Park in Toledo will take place. It will be an allegorical and epic trip through the history of Spain.

The origin of the Puy du Fou Park in France dates back to 1978, when its first night show took place. It tells the story of a local family from medieval times up until the Second Wold War. Located next to the ruins of the Renaissance castle of Puy du Fou, in the western French region of Vendee, the Puy du Fou Park is at present the second most visited in the country. It offers its visitors the possibility of time travel, with day and night spectacles, villages of the time with local artisan workshops, and perfectly decorated hotels and restaurants. Since 1998, its academy has trained young people in the different disciplines related with the park’s shows and functioning.

The new Puy du Fou Park in Spain, with a total investment of 242 M €, is already under construction in a 160 hectare plot to the south of Toledo. The performances of the first night show will begin on August 30th this year, the opening of the first phase of the day park will take place in the year 2021 and the whole project will continue to be developed in stages up until 2028.

In order to carry out this unique project, Puy du Fou commissioned IDOM with the Project Management, the construction stage supervision and management, the project preparation and supervision of the urbanization, the project preparation of two of the main buildings in the park and the strategic environmental study.

Trailer of the show
Puy du Fou Spain
Puy du Fou France
Presentation of Puy du Fou in Spain

April 23, 2019


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The dream of Toledo, a unique spectacle

“During an evening on the banks of the Tajo River, a young laundress comes across the old water carrier of Toledo. The man takes her on a journey through time and makes her relive the great moments of Spanish History. A night show in which Memory comes alive, History overcomes the city walls and what is legendary crosses through the depths of the river.
From the King of the Goths to the arrival of the railway, from Las Navas de Tolosa to the discovery of America, this original spectacle embarks the audience in a 1,500 year intimate and epic journey. It is played by 185 actors and has incredible special effects".

The performance, 70 minutes long, will take place in Toledo as from August 30th 2019, on Friday and Saturday nights.