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The Puy du Fou park arrives in Spain


Puy du Fou Gran Parc dates back to 1978, with the first performance of its nocturnal spectacle. The show traces the history of a local family from the Middle Ages to the Second World War. Located next to the ruins of the Renaissance castle of Puy du Fou, in the region of Vendée, western France, the Puy du Fou Park is today, the second most popular theme park in the country.

The Puy de Fou park is integrated into a century-old forest where you can observe numerous species of animals. It offers visitors a journey through time, with day and night shows, villages of the time with workshops of local crafts, and themed hotels and restaurants. Since 1998, the park academy has been training young people in the different disciplines related to the shows and the operation of the park.

On September 21, Erwan de la Villéon, CEO of Puy du Fou in Spain, presented their new project, a “live entertainment park”, as he defined it, to be built on a 160-hectare estate to the south of the municipality of Toledo. The presentation, with the conference “Puy du Fou and Toledo, a common challenge”, took place in one of the Espacio Reservado breakfasts organized by the digital newspaper encastillalamancha.es.

The event, which took place at the Beatriz Hotel, was attended by more than 400 people interested in the project, including representatives of public institutions, private companies and associations from different sectors.

In 2019, the first performance of the night show will be held, an allegorical and epic journey of Spanish history, through the history of Toledo. The opening of the first phase of the day park will take place in 2021, and the complete project will be developed in several stages until 2028. In total, €242 million will be invested in the park, of which €183 million will be before 2021. The majority shareholder is Puy du Fou, together with MAPFRE and SODICAMAN, among others. Among the entities that will finance the park is Caixa Bank.

The Toledo Puy du Fou park, will create some 700 direct jobs (by 2021), and it is estimated that some 2,500 indirect jobs will be generated.

To carry out this unique project, Puy du Fou has called on IDOM for the Project Management, the development of the Urban Planning Project, and the preparation of the Strategic Environmental Study of the park.

September 28, 2018


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Un proyecto apoyado por la administración

Eduardo Sánchez Butragueño, one of the promoters of the movement supporting the installation of the Puy du Fou park in Toledo, director of the Soliss Foundation and founder of the blog "Forgotten Toledo", also participated in the presentation. Patricia Franco, Minister of Economy, Business and Employment; Milagros Tolón, Mayor of Toledo; Cristina González, Regional Director of Inserta Empleo (Fundación ONCE); Ana Pilar Cruz Boluda, Director of the Area of External Talent and Operations; Jesús Sáiz, Vice President of Puy du Fou Spain; Juan Alfonso Ruiz Molina, Minister of Finance and Public Administration; Nacho Hernando, Spokesperson of the Government of CLM; Juan Ramón Amores, General Director of Youth and Sports; and Justino Pérez, from Beatriz Hoteles.

Erwan de la Villéon, CEO of Puy du Fou Spain. Photograph by Rebeca Arango.