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IDOM collaborates with the NGO Kukua

The NGO Kukua and IDOM have collaborated to create plans for road safety training and for child protection in Zanzibar.

75% percent of daily commuting in sub-Saharan Africa is done on foot.  Children are routinely abused on these journeys. In fact, 66% of children in Zanzibar have suffered some form of physical abuse before the age of 18. The NGO Kukua and IDOM have collaborated in this country on the Safe Cities project, consisting of road safety training. With the profits from that project, Kukua was also able to create the Safe Kids child protection project.

Safe Cities creates territorial organization and development plans taking into account the needs, customs and uses of the communities in which they are located, facilitating the daily life of the citizens of Zanzibar.

Safe Kids aims to safeguard children’s rights and protect them from any form of violence through training for teachers, parents, local leaders (Shehas) and the children themselves. In addition, meetings are promoted with all the agents involved in the fight against child abuse: Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, police specialized in gender and childhood and the Victim Care Center.

We hope to continue collaborating with Kukua in 2023 to improve the living conditions of these communities and we invite you to collaborate with them.

December 26, 2022

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