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Architecture and engineering, sharing the dialogue

IDOM working strategies

On April 3 and under the title “Shared dialogues between architecture and engineering“, a day of debate on the collaboration between both disciplines in complex projects was held at the Civil Engineering College.

Gonzalo Tello (Architect) and Jorge Bernabéu (Civil Engineer) presented their shared experience in transportation projects, highlighting the collaboration features and IDOM project strategies.

From railway station projects (Atocha station in Madrid, the Joaquín Sorolla train station in Valencia, San Cristóbal in A Coruña) and metro systems (Riyadh Metro, Saudi Arabia, Metro de Santiago, Chile, MetroLink Dublin, Ireland) IDOM presented some of the different characteristics of interdisciplinary collaboration and in the way IDOM works. Among them:

  • Architecture and engineering share contract and responsibility
  • The “tent” Model, in which the project team works “shoulder to shoulder” in the same physical work space
  • Multidisciplinary integration from the beginning of all phases of the project: traffic and mobility, layout and operation, structure and construction, territory and landscape
  • Evolution and specialization through several projects

Jorge and Gonzalo are currently collaborating on the development of the First Line of the Dublin Metro, a clear example of IDOM’s work strategies to produce a 4.0 urban transport system: consensual, accessible, efficient, respectful with the environment and sensitive to all the social sectors.

The discussion touched on some recurrent topics in the relationship between disciplines, proposing new proposals for understanding and collaboration. Cycles like these dialogues are a stimulus for debate and contribute to consolidate the social relevance of the shared work of architects and engineers.

May 21, 2019

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The dialogue

Video of the shared dialogue between Engineering and Architecture. The presentation of Jorge Bernabéu and Gonzalo Tello is from 50:50 to 1:29:30.

From left to right: Jorge Bernabéu (IDOM), Gonzalo Tello (IDOM), Arcadio Gil (president of the Committee of Cities, Culture and Territory), Juan A. Santamera (president of the College of Roads), César Lanza (Committee of Cities, Territory and Culture), Carlos García (Esteyco) and Andrés Estany (Esteyco).
Photographs courtesy of the Civil Engineering School.