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The Climate Finance Accelerator in Mexico extends the reception of projects until August 23

Mobilising finance for a better world


On Wednesday 30 June, the Climate Finance Accelerator (CFA) programme was launched in Mexico, with IDOM as in-country delivery partner.

The CFA is a technical assistance programme which seeks to help middle income countries achieving their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

The Climate Finance Accelerator is boosting access to finance for local action with meaningful climate impact, funded by the UK government’s Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

The CFA programme is to be implemented in a total of 8 countries (6 already identified: Colombia, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, South Africa and Turkey), Mexico being one of the pilot countries. The programme seeks to enable a steady flow of funding for ‘investment ready’ low-carbon projects, strengthening countries’ ambitions to limit global warming to 1.5°C, by bringing together project proponents, financiers and policymakers. The CFA will have several co-benefits, such as supporting a COVID-19 green recovery through inclusive approaches to sustainable development, improved gender equality, diversity and inclusion, and building resilience to climate impacts.

From July 12 to August 23, the “Call for Projects” (CfP) will be open for all those interested climate initiatives

The “Call for Projects” (CfP) will be open for all initiatives that require at least USD $ 5 million in financing and are at least in the pre-feasibility stage. With the aim of clarifying the doubts of the project promoters about the Call, on July 15 the “Market Engagement” event was also held. In addition, project promoters interested in applying to the CFA program will have until August 6 to resolve all their concerns.

If successful, this programme will become a leading effort for permanently mobilising necessary funding towards the climate action needed for a low-carbon future in Mexico and the world.

July 26, 2021

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Call for Proposal (Cfp):
- Bases of the Call: click here
- Link for Registration (Spanish version): click here

Kick-Off Event and Market Engagement Events:

Kick-Off event
- Access to the recording (Spanish version): click here
- Kick-off event presentation (Spanish version): click here

Market Engagement Event:
- Access to the recording (Spanish version): click here
- Market Engagement Event presentation (Spanish version): click here

Call for Projects
- Call for Projects Form (Spanish version): click here 

Questions and answers about the Call for Proposal (Cfp): click here

Mariana Silva Paredes ( mariana.silva@idom.com )