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Sustainable and intelligent building

Colombia is experiencing a major boom in construction, both in the residential sector and the public works sector. Public authorities and private companies are concerned that this growth may occur in a disorderly manner, creating problems, as has happened in the past.

In order to discuss how to ensure sustainable urban development in Colombia today, the Chamber of Commerce of Bucaramanga and Camacol Santander organized the III Developers Forum (III Foro Constructor). The Forum was attended by professionals from all various disciplines involved in construction projects.

One important trend to be considered, not just in new developments but also in regenerating historic centres, is the application of Smart City Models. On this subject, the Fernando Tomás of IDOM gave a presentation entitled “Smart City and the qualities of the City. Strategies based on our international experience”.

Fernando presented some of the projects IDOM where the implementation of information technologies, making improvements to urban life, has been an important element. His presentation also included other projects of IDOM related to urban infrastructure.