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Contributing to the safety of Thermal Energy Storage

ASME TES-01 2020 Safety Standard for Thermal Energy Storage Systems: Molten Salt

IDOM has been active in Thermal Energy Storage systems in major renewable energy projects worldwide (some examples below).  We are pleased to announce our participation in the creation and release of a new ASME standard on Molten Salt Thermal Energy Systems (TES).

Ali Mohktarzadeh, Ph.D., PE senior engineer and technical leader from IDOM’s Minneapolis office is the vice-chair and contributing member of the ASME Committee on TES.  Ali has participated in this Committee since 2017 and was very active in the creation of this new world-class technical standard, which was published in June of 2020.

ASME TES-01 2020 Safety Standard for Thermal Energy Storage Systems: Molten Salt

The purpose of the Committee is to develop and maintain safety standards covering the design, construction, installation, inspection, testing, commissioning, maintenance, operation, and decommissioning of TES systems. Recognizing the range f TES technologies, the TES Safety Standards Committee decided to initially focus on one technology, molten salt TES systems. Following the completion of this task, the committee will address standards or guides for other TES systems.

Since late 2015, the TES Safety Standards Committee has worked to develop a safety standard for molten salt TES systems. ASME TES-1-2020 is the result of these efforts. The American National Standards Institute approved ASME TES-1-2020 as an American National Standard on March 11, 2020.

For further information on some projects that IDOM has developed, click on these links: Crescent Dunes, in the USA; Anantapur, in India; Qinghai Delingha Tower, Gonghe, Gansu Akesai, Dunhuang, Delingha, Gansu Yumen, in China.

November 26, 2020


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Ali Mohktarzadeh ( amokhtarzadeh@idom.com )