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By creating “Accessible School Routes”, IDOM ensures the safety and accessibility of children in São Paulo.

With the main objective of creating a safer and more accessible city for all people, IDOM and Cidade Ativa have developed the project “Accessible School Routes for All Children” devised by the World Bank. In addition, the project has counted on the support and collaboration of the Municipality of São Paulo through the Secretariat of Mobility and Transport – SMT and the Transport Engineering Company – CET.

The project collected data through collaborative workshops, participatory activities and technical visits to identify needs for improvement in terms of accessibility for all users. Using this information, the technical team developed an Action Plan that includes innovative solutions and success stories at national and international level. This methodology provides solutions for the planning, design, operation and monitoring of actions focused on greater accessibility, inclusion and safety for the most vulnerable users, such as children and people with functional diversity, with the aim of creating safe and inclusive urban environments for access to schools.

At IDOM, we are committed to projects that promote the constant improvement of people’s mobility conditions. We believe that urban mobility is fundamental in the way cities are inhabited, influencing the quality of life and access to opportunities for all inhabitants.


March 17, 2023


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