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IDOM is collaborating in the Executive MBA program at Georgetown University

IDOM has been collaborating for years with the Executive MBA of the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University (Washington D.C.), in the tutoring of students’ academic work. This year the assignment chosen by the McDonough team was on improving Sustainability and implementing Sustainable Development principles in the business and corporate environment.

Our colleagues Mauricio Gómez Villarino and Elena Calcerrada Romero co-led the team composed of Shreya Chaubey, Grace Hodge, Rimjhim Khandelwal, Eric Saldanha and Dale Salton. The academic assignment involved the design of an action plan for the introduction, enhancement, and development of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria in the performance and corporate culture of IDOM.

After several telematic work sessions, we welcomed the Georgetown team to our headquarters in Madrid. During their visit, Ramón Gutierrez Fernandez-Cuervo and Yolanda Cerezo de Pedro showed the students all the distinctive features that make our headquarters our calling card for sustainability.

During this meeting, the students presented a series of actions that IDOM could implement to continue advancing and improving our corporate sustainability strategy.

By collaborating in this way, IDOM is helping to bring the academic world closer to current needs of the market.


March 14, 2023


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