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Digital transformation

Promoting a culture of innovation

In early February, IDOM held a workshop on Digital Transformation. The event took place at the IDOM offices in Madrid and was organized by the Infrastructure Division, with the support and input of the youngest members of the firm.

Some 40 professionals, all under 30, participated, discussing topics such as: new business opportunities; more efficient work methodologies; new technological tools or processes to optimize the development of projects. The common denominator for all the topics was digitalization and its application in infrastructure projects.

For IDOM, mastering digital uses is crucial to remain at the forefront of a competitive and global business environment. In this context, it is essential to listen to the opinion of younger professionals, who are more familiar with some of the most innovative strategies and technologies. For this reason, at IDOM we make a special effort to extend a culture of innovation in our way of working, always orientated towards the client.

The session was attended by Adrián Escobar (PhD in Transportation Engineering and Infrastructure), Emilio Prous (Civil Engineer) and Ibai Díaz de Lezana (Civil Engineer). The event was considered a success and will continue in the future.

March 21, 2019

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Attendees to the first seminar on Digital Transformation of the Infrastructure Division of IDOM