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Latest technologies in tunnel safety


In February 2019, the VII Symposium on Road Tunnels, organized by the Technical Association of Highways (Asociación Técnica de Carreteras – ATC), the Spanish delegation of the World Road Association (PIARC), was held in Barcelona.

This prestigious Symposium, which dates back to 1994, brought together more than 500 professionals who, for three days, presented the latest developments of the sector at the Palau de Congresos in Barcelona. IDOM had an important role in the event, and our firm commitment to technological innovation was more than evident. IDOM was well represented by experts such as Javier Borja, Fernando Tomás, Jesus Sancho, Javier Jiménez, Óscar Borobia and Juan Ramón López, Infrastructure Managing Director.

Our presentations dealt with issues such as how the new fuels used for the propulsion of vehicles will affect the safety of tunnels (the INSTUNH2 project, funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism within the framework of a program of aid to innovative firms); the technological revolution that is the use of LED in the lighting of tunnels (from the experience acquired in the tunnel of Caldearenas, one of the first tunnels to entirely use LED lighting in Spain). Another innovative concept presented was that of open control platforms for the management of several tunnels from the same control centre (the case of the Demarcation of Roads of the Province of Aragón with the Tunnel Control Centre of Monrepós, in Huesca, commencing operations this March). Also presented was the application of the RAMS methodology in road tunnels, with an innovative initiative that is being developed within one of the working groups of the International Tunnel Committee of PIARC.

In addition, the presentations of our colleagues also proposed improvements in current procedures, such as, for example, the development of a guide where the requirements of fire behaviour in the tunnels are clearly defined, or the best use of the information registered in the Tunnels Database (BIT) of the Spanish Ministry of Development.

March 15, 2019

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IDOM and safety in tunnels

In addition to those already mentioned, IDOM is currently participating in other outstanding tunnel safety projects, such as the detail engineering of the tunnels of the road between Jinvali and Larsi, in Georgia, including a 9 km tunnel; and the MetroLink project in Dublin, which will be the first metro line in the Irish capital, where, among other things, the strategy and the safety facilities in the new infrastructure are being defined.


Also, in Spain, projects are being developed for the adaptation of 32 tunnels of the State Roads Network, the inspection of 142 tunnels for the Ministry of Development, the tasks for the head of tunnel safety for the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and Bidegi (Gipuzkoan Infrastructure Agency) in 34 tunnels, and the ventilation system audit of Line 10 South of the Barcelona Metro.

Juan Ramón López, Fernando Tomás and Javier Borja, all from IDOM.