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e-DISTRICT. Development of Low Carbon technological solutions to transform industrial spaces into Zero Emissions Districts

This goal of this e-District Project is for the group of buildings that make up the Mercedes Benz plant in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Mercedes District) to become carbon neutral.

As part of a consortium, IDOM has been developing the energy modeling of the different buildings. An optimum cost methodology is then applied, analyzing thousands of combinations of energy variables, identifying those with the best cost-optimal balance.

The model prioritizes passive strategies to reduce energy demand; followed by active strategies, which minimize energy consumption; to finally introduce renewable production strategies that offset consumption and associated emissions.

This project has been subsidized through to the HAZITEK 2021 program to support business R&D in the Basque Country and the European Regional Development Fund.

Project No.: ZL-2021/00850

March 18, 2022


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Gorka Viguri ( gorka.viguri@idom.com )