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Transport Modeling at the University of Rwanda

Theoretical-practical training with face-to-face and online sessions

IDOM, together with the University of Rwanda – College of Science and Technology, has organized a course on Transport Modeling, combining theoretical and practical face-to-face training with online sessions.

During the face-to-face sessions, David Moncholí, Director of Mobility and Transport at IDOM, presented two theoretical-practical blocks. The first focused on the theory of sustainable mobility planning in cities and the fundamentals of the 4-stage models: generation/attraction, trip distribution, modal distribution and network assignment. The second block was a working session using macroscopic modeling software – PTV Visum.

Throughout this month of March, these training sessions will continue for the participants online, looking at different areas of knowledge: logistics, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), mobility hubs, sustainability and airports.

IDOM has developed several mobility projects in different African countries, always with the aim of helping cities and territories incorporate new, more efficient and sustainable forms of mobility for their inhabitants.

March 17, 2022

Transport Systems

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Further Information:

Transport Modelling Training Program


David Moncholi ( mobility@idom.com )

Dr. Ignace Gatare, Principal of College of Science and Technology, University of Rwanda