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Gulf of Fonseca, a strategic commitment


“Zone of Peace, Sustainable Development and Security” was the guiding principle of the Declaration of Managua, signed in 2007 by the presidents of El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua to convert the Gulf of Fonseca into a prosperous region.

Since then, the three governments have enhanced this rapprochement and dialogue, and have agreed to elaborate a tri-national Master Plan that will contemplate investment projects for the sustainable development of the region. Finally, in 2017, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) decided to support this initiative with the funding of the studies, becoming a strategic ally to this commitment.

In this context, last November, the XVI Trinational Technical Meeting of the Gulf of Fonseca was held in Managua, Nicaragua. The session was chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua, Denis Moncada, the Foreign Minister of El Salvador, Carlos Castañeda, and the Sub Secretary of Cooperation of Honduras, María Nasser. The event served to evaluate the progress of the Trinational Master Plan and was attended by the representatives of the CABEI and IDOM, responsible for preparing the Plan.

Given its importance, the event was widely reported in the press and social media:

December 20, 2018

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Strategic projects

The Plan includes the design of strategic public and public-private investment projects in economic matters with a focus environmental sustainability. Its objective is to generate a favorable business climate with administrative, economic and fiscal incentives that attract national and international investments and, with the ultimate goal, of generating quality employment.

To prioritize strategic projects, the following have been contemplated: a logistics-industrial corridor on the Pan-American Highway, three Special Economic Zones directed towards attracting agroindustry, a Logistic Center on the border of El Salvador and Honduras, a tri-national transport ferry for merchandise between the existing ports, a Technological Innovation Center for the agri-food sector, and a trinational Tourism Development Plan.