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Grupo Vía analyses the latest works of leading architectural firms

IDOM presents the Nantes car park and station

On 21 October, Grupo Vía held a new edition of its “Bilbao Architecture and Design Projects” conference, bringing together 50 professionals from the sector at the Hotel Ercilla in the Biscayan capital.

Iñaki Garai, who participated on behalf of IDOM, analysed our internationalisation process and presented the car park and station in Nantes (France).

In the final debate that closed the day, the participants discussed the impact of covid19 on their activity, the commitment to terraces and outdoor areas in the residential sector and their regulatory framework, the rise of industrialisation in construction, the new decree on habitability being developed by the administration, the energy refurbishment of the existing building stock, the risks of understanding buildings as “commercial products”, the importance of protecting the modifications to façades after refurbishment as they are the heritage and landscape of all citizens, among other issues.

October 27, 2021


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Nantes car park and station

The project came about through a public competition with the aim of increasing the use of public transport in the area. Its final image responds to four factors: understanding the client, functionality, impact on the environment and cost. The site completes a public area, but in a low-density and natural residential environment, hence the importance of the integration of the infrastructure into the environment. A double helical ramp improves the mobility of the buses and reduces the height of the building by one storey, which is provided with courtyards in the form of vertical terraced gardens that fragment the image of the building. The façade, with perforated metal louvres, conceals the cars from the outside and achieves transparency and ventilation from the inside.