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IDOM celebrates its sustainability and climate change conference

In 2022, IDOM Infrastructures has held several days of raising awareness and consciousness about sustainability and climate change. Our colleagues Mauricio Gómez Villarino (Chief Sustainable Officer) and Elena Calcerrada Romero (Infrastructure Sustainability Manager) have been in charge of leading these sessions in which our professionals have participated all over the world.

During the sessions, the people working at IDOM Infrastructures have acquired greater knowledge about sustainable and climate change resilient infrastructures. With these tools, our professionals will promote changes and lead decision-making to enhance sustainability in each of the phases in which we intervene throughout the project life cycle, from the basic conceptual designs to the operation or decommissioning phases of the project.

In this way, IDOM is advancing in its commitment to a sustainable future, thinking of future generations and its contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Finally, as a result of these conferences, an internal multidisciplinary working group has been created to promote and coordinate sustainability in all our business lines.


December 20, 2022

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