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IDOM and ISI explore synergies to achieve a more sustainable and resilient future

IDOM is working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by designing and developing sustainable infrastructure. To pursue this aim and, as well as other practices, IDOM applies the Envision® sustainability framework and rating system when tackling projects, thereby providing the client with higher quality and sustainable, resilient, and equitable solutions.

The past weeks, IDOM had the pleasure of welcoming the President and CEO of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure, Anthony Kane, to our headquarters in Madrid. Our Chief Sustainability Officer, Mauricio Gómez Villarino, and other colleagues, Sergio Arús and Elena Calcerrada (both accredited as Envision Sustainability Professional), had the opportunity to discuss potential short-term projects with Anthony.

During the meeting, the implementation of the Envision framework and how it can improve the quality of projects, increase resiliency, preparedness, and long-term viability of IDOM designs was discussed. Potential synergies for the future were also explored.

In addition, the Director of Airports, Héctor Martín Martín, spoke about the work done by IDOM in the sector, specifically how, since 2011, the firm has been making great progress in the sustainability of airport projects. Hector explained the consultancy services provided to major airport operators to help them achieve sustainability certification, as is currently the case with Envision in the US.

The Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) is the organization that developed and manages Envision®, a holistic sustainability framework and rating system that enables a thorough examination of the sustainability and resiliency of all types of civil infrastructure.


March 13, 2023


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