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Structural thermo-activation

Technical Seminar at IDOM'S Office in Madrid

On October 11th last, the first Structural Thermo-activation Technical Seminar took place, organised by ASHRAE Spain – the North American Society of HVAC Engineers. Planned in collaboration with IDOM, it was held in our offices in Madrid, the attendance being in excess of 100 people.

The opening of the event was carried out by Mauricio Gomez Villarino, Director of IDOM Madrid, and Andres Sepulveda, Vice-President of ASHRAE Spain.

The first presentation reviewed the outstanding results achieved by our office in terms of energy and comfort, also including the more than 10 projects IDOM has designed using TABS technology since that first project. Next, Holmer Deecke made it quite clear that the technical evolution of this technology is ongoing, and he used very relevant buildings around the globe as examples. Francisco Javier Martinez contributed the academic view, showing lab tests that had been carried out using an environmental chamber at university. These tests have allowed them to adjust mathematical models to simulate the thermo-activation under varying functioning conditions. SACYR for their part showcased their most iconic works of structural thermos-activation as well as those involving foundations, piles, retaining walls and sheer geothermal energy. The closing presentation was again IDOM’s and it covered the thermo-activation of the Beronia Winery in Ollauri project, where the design aims not only at the comfort of people, but also to satisfy the requirements of the wine, mitigating at the same time the possible effects of climate change over the maturation process. Finally, the event was rounded off by a Q&A and an open forum.

October 16, 2019


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The speakers were…

The event coincided with the 10th anniversary of the implementation of TABS technology in IDOM’s building, and its participants were the International Director of Engineering from UPONOR, Holmer Deecke, a Professor at the University of Valladolid and Director of his Department of Energy and Fluid-Mechanical Engineering, Francisco Javier Rey Martinez, the Director of Geothermal Energy and Energy Efficiency at SACYR INDUSTRIAL and our colleagues at IDOM, Borja Gomez, Javier Martin, Ramon Gutierrez and Antonio Villanueva.

Andres Sepulveda, Mauricio Gomez and Antonio Villanueva during the presentation of the seminar. Atendees. Coffee break.