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Metropolitano de Granada: exceeding expectations


Inaugurated in September 2017, the Metropolitano de Granada has seen an increase in the number of passengers, day by day. Last March, 900,000 users were registered, an average of 29,051 people per day. This is close to the expected figures for 2018, once the service has been established, that is, 30,000 passengers per day or 916,666 monthly. In fact, on working days, these expectations have already been exceeded, with around 33,000 passengers per day.

The success of this new urban transport system is undoubtedly because it connects the most important places of interest in the metropolitan area of ​​Granada, making it possible to access the main centres of social, economic and tourist activity in the city. This has been achieved by successfully designing the route, 16 km of track, 26 stops and 3 stations.

IDOM accompanied the client, both during the design and construction phases, developing the construction project and carrying out the site supervision of the infrastructure and superstructure works of the section between the municipalities of Albolote and Maracena (3.5 km of double track, overground, and 5 stops), following the typology of light rail.

May 8, 2018

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Urban integration

The differentiating feature of the project, is the urban integration of the system with the existing road network. This involved the integral treatment of each façade, and the design of the green areas, cycle paths, roads, urban plan, and the replacement of all services and parking facility. The trees affected by the new layout were transplanted, creating a new Urban Park for the use and enjoyment of the population.