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Recognition of the Abu Dhabi Smart Transport System

Meeting II of Big Data Talent

The Abu Dhabi Intelligent Transport System (DARB), developed by IDOM for the Department of Transport of Abu Dhabi, has been awarded the Big Data Talent Award during the II Meeting of Big Data Talent in Madrid.

Organized by the Big Data International Campus and Excellence Innova of the Faculty of Mathematics of the Complutense University, this is one of the main showcase events for the dissemination of the most representative projects and trends in the sector, as well as promoting the connection between university talent and the business world.

In the presence of the leading companies, both national and international, our colleague Raúl Martínez received the award on behalf of IDOM (see here). This is a recognition for the work that the firm has been doing in the creation of Big Data solutions.

May 15, 2018

Infrastructures Digital

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What is the DARB application?

The DARB application is a multimodal transport service application that allows the inhabitants and visitors of Abu Dhabi check traffic information in real time (public transport including buses, taxis, traffic conditions, routes, flights, etc.). The application encourages the use of sustainable means of transport, giving priority in the results offered, of the use of park & ride, car share, or bicycle rental.

Big Data is in full expansion and development. The number of companies, organizations and institutions working with Big Data is increasing every day, with a growing market for all the benefits it brings.


Photo 1: Jesús Serrano Sanz (CEO Excellence Innova), Raúl Martínez (IDOM), David R. Sáez Ávila (Director of the International Big Data Campus). Photo 2: Abu Dhabi Intelligent Transport System (DARB).