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New corporate headquarters and laboratories for Certest Biotec

A flexible and sustainable project that blends into the landscape

Over the last few years, Certest’s production and R&D development needs have grown exponentially. In order to accommodate this growth, IDOM has designed the facility’s new extensions, which reflect Certest’s new growth strategies.

These are 15,620m2 of new construction that, together with the existing facilities, brings the total built-up area to 24,825m2, making it one of the largest biotech complexes in the world.

Firstly, a building was designed to house the production facilities. This is known as Phase 5. The main objective and challenge was to create a large, versatile and flexible vessel that would allow Certest’s new business units to be developed by creating new R&D and production laboratories.

The built complex is completed with the construction of the phase 6 building, which is the corporate building and main façade at the image level of the built complex. It houses the general support services for Certest’s main activity, being the administrative uses, changing rooms and canteen the most representative ones.