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Shaping the future development of Baha region

In a significant stride towards transforming the Baha region in Saudi Arabia, IDOM is pleased to announce the recent award of a key Regional Development project. This new project, framed within an ambitious National Program, aims to equip the region with a development plan that ensures coherence and aligns its goals with national policies, including vision 2030 and other relevant programs.
The Baha region, despite being the smallest in the Kingdom, stands out for its unique character, rich vernacular architecture, impressive monuments, dramatic landscapes with diverse ecosystems, abundant vegetation, agricultural activities, and a cool, humid climate. However, despite these qualities, the region faces demographic challenges and lacks a solid vision supported by competitive infrastructures and governance mechanisms.

In this context, IDOM will take on the responsibility of developing a Regional Development Plan that will establish a vision and present various scenarios for discussion with regional stakeholders. Based on the preferred scenario, the regional plan, along with a set of subsequent subregional plans, will become a comprehensive and practical tool to shape the future of the region sustainably. The goal is to harness the region’s potential and make it an essential part of a prosperous and ever-evolving country.
With this project, IDOM reaffirms its commitment to sustainable development and the creation of innovative solutions that contribute to the progress of the communities and regions it operates in. We are eager to embark on this exciting journey alongside key stakeholders in the Baha region, working collaboratively to achieve shared goals and build a vibrant and promising future.


January 29, 2024

City & Territory

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