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Promoting renewable fuels

Ômega Green Project in Paraguay

In the search for alternatives to guarantee energy supply and reduce dependence on fossil fuels (gas, oil), the planet is aligning its efforts to produce new concepts in energy generation, in which IDOM is actively participating. A good example of this is the Ômega Green project that the ECB Group, a company with extensive experience in agribusiness and biofuels, is developing.

Ômega Green Project is an integrated complex that will be located in the Villeta industrial zone, 60 km south of Asunción (Paraguay) and that will become the first advanced renewable fuel plant in the southern hemisphere, with several competitive advantages compared to other existing and planned bio-refineries in the world.

Dedicated to the production of Renewable Diesel (HVO) and renewable Jet Fuel (SPK) and other by-products, the plant will use UCO (used cooking oils), animal fats and soybean oil as raw material for the hydrotreating process.

Acciona has contracted IDOM’s professional engineering services to carry out the FEED for the project.