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Participating in the international Solar Heating and Cooling programme

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The Solar Heating and Cooling Technology Collaborative Program (SHC TCP) was established in 1977, as one of the first programme of the International Energy Agency. Its job is to promote the use of all aspects of solar thermal energy.

SHC has just published a study developed from the lines of investigation carried out in the search for solutions and strategies that effectively combine artificial and natural light to improve visual comfort and save energy. This study includes several case studies, among them Integrated lighting design in Madrid: the headquarter of IDOM. The author of this study is our colleague Julio Fernández Amodia. It delves into the strategies on the use of natural light and artificial lighting applied to our Madrid headquarters. The performance and well-being of workers has been considered, as well as the reduction of electric lighting. The study looks at the systems used to prevent solar gain, such as blinds or a double skin facade.

As a result of participating in this study, Julio Fernández has been invited to give a talk about his professional experience, on January 31, as part of the conference organized by the educational platform NLITED (New Level of Integrated Techniques for Daylighting Education) on the occasion of its inauguration. The event will analyse how the teaching of this specialization in European universities is focused, how the new requirements around natural light are affecting the profession. Various specialists in natural light will talk about their work. It will be attended by students and faculty members from the universities of DTU (Denmark), Niccolo Cusano (Italy), Gdansk University (Poland) and Lund University (Sweden).

December 16, 2021

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SHC TCP's work is developed through the international collaboration of experts from member countries, sponsors and the European Union. Its main activity involves developing research projects on solar heating and cooling. It currently has a total of 67 projects in progress.

NLITED is an educational project that aims to improve the knowledge on natural lighting of both students and professionals in the construction sector. The European Union finances the NLITED project through a strategic partnership of the Erasmus + program. Four universities from different European countries mentioned above carry out its implementation.