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Planned Growth Becomes Reality


Throughout 2015, IDOM collaborated with the different authorities in the elaboration of the Regional Programs of Urban Development and Ecological Planning and the Master Plan for the creation of a world-class urban centre, capable of offering a dynamic urban lifestyle which is safe for its inhabitants and workers.

In line with the development of the Master Plan, the Government of Puebla has once again entrusted IDOM with the implementation of the first phase of 150 hectares for 20,000 inhabitants. The tasks assigned include technical assessment for the various government agencies involved in the project, and the elaboration of the regulations of urban and architectural criteria that conform the normative framework of the new city.

Currently, the first stage already has a metropolitan park, a health centre, an integral services centre, a school and the first phase of the Bilingual Technological University. There are 470 social housing homes, a convention centre, a hotel, a hospital, a sports centre, a shopping centre and the first phase of the Benemérita Autonomous University of Puebla.

March 1, 2017

City & Territory

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