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Radioactive waste classification study

IDOM is delighted to present this European Commission sponsored study on radioactive waste classification schemes in the European Union. Our team IDOM, supported by the consortium partner BGE technology, led the elaboration of the study by drawing on our experience acquired through developing comprehensive solutions within the nuclear back-end field.

This study analyzed the present relevance of the classification scheme of radioactive waste as defined in the EC’s recommendation published in 1999 and whether the EU Member States´ current practices cohere with the IAEA´s General Safety Guide-1.

The primary objective was to assess the potential advantages of implementing a holistic approach to waste classification, to establish a reliable inventory, ensuring transparency for decision-makers and citizens while maximizing cross-border cooperation across the European Union.

The waste management organizations of each Member State, in addition to a selection of waste producers, participated in the study through the provision of feedback both verbally and via a questionnaire. And this comprehensive EU-wide assessment was complemented by a survey on the public’s awareness of radioactive classification schemes.

The study is available here.

May 2, 2023


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