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Reactivation of rail corridors in Colombia


In May 2017, the National Infrastructure Agency (Agencia Nacional de Infraestructura – ANI), of the Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Colombia, awarded IDOM with the work contract No. 313. The objective is to reactivate the operations of two central rail system corridors, the axis of intermodal transport of the country: the Dorada-Chiriguaná section (521 km) and the Bogotá-Belencito line (318 km). The project will improve activities such as administration, traffic control, operation, surveillance, maintenance, repair of critical points and attention to emergencies, among others.

Since June 2017, IDOM has been undertaking a site supervision of the works, including monitoring, control and assessment. The aim is to reactivate and reinforce rail operations, vital for the economic development and mobility of the country, whose activity has been paralyzed over the last 2 decades.

Following the repair and maintenance activities in both corridors (with an investment of 190 billion pesos, more than 50 million euros), and the advisory and management tasks involving the groups and companies that generate cargo and handle passengers, significant milestones have been achieved since the beginning of the contract: an increase in passenger transport (940,000 passengers mobilized in 2017 and 2018) and the cement transport operation (the companies Argos and Molsabana, moving 3,000 tons/month ) along the Bogotá-Belencito corridor. Likewise, on the La Dorada to Santa Marta section, before the end of 2018, operations will have commenced with the National Federation of Coffee Growers from (3,500 tons/month).

The activities and achievements obtained to date have resulted in the recognition of the ANI, with the naming of our Contract Supervision, the Best Contract Management of the Year Award.

Update: On November 18, La Dorada to Santa Marta corridor (mentioned above) started operations, with 4,000 bags of coffee (more info).