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The digital frontier in public administrations. How to achieve it?

Global Public Procurement Conference

The Global Public Procurement Conference was held in September in Washington DC under the theme “Towards the digital frontier”. The event, organized by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), had 320 participants and 40 international experts from more than 80 countries.

Sandra Sinde Cantorna, Director of Public Procurement of Innovation at IDOM, participated and shared her vision on the challenge of the Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) and its power to create new tools that promote, in the long term, the strategic development of countries and regions, as well as promoting innovation in the private sector, with special emphasis on SMEs.

In the words of Sandra “Governments and people must be prepared to navigate the digital transformation in procurement, reshaping their business models and promoting an innovative, creative and forward-thinking mentality”. (See video and presentations)

During the conference, the main public procurement agents from all over the world have exchanged ideas, shared best practices and the latest trends on how technology helps to take advantage of public procurement as a development tool in different countries.

November 15, 2018

Competitiveness & Innovation

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Photos courtesy of BID.