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The Asian Development Bank entrusts us with their office in Manila


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has commissioned IDOM to carry out a life cycle assessment (LCA) of its office in Manila which was completed back in 1991.

The ADB’s head office was designed in 1986 by SOM and construction finished in 1991. Later, the most relevant extension took place in 2014 when the Third Atrium was built following the original master plan. Other buildings within the complex include the overground car park building, auxiliary building-services buildings and the visitors’ registry centres. The complex covers a total area of 155,000 square meters.

Taking the building’s age into account and following a visual inspection and the analysis of currents standards, it has been deemed necessary to update and replace certain elements through the implementation of different projects in order to achieve the following goals:

• A 30-40 year extension of the building’s lifespan.
• The implementation of cutting edge technology, energy efficiency and the updating of building services.
• To improve the building’s resilience, including its behaviour during earthquakes and its protection against floods and typhoons.
• To satisfy the future requirements of the working areas.

February 4, 2020


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The details of the study

The assessment has been carried out during an intensive four months period which included two site visits. The scope of the study included:

a) A thorough analysis of the current situation through the collection of data, technical meetings and visual inspections of the building.
b) The application of standards and comparative referential methods in order to estimate the lifespan of different elements that make up the campus and its buildings.
c) Identifying the measures required to extend the building’s lifespan.
d) To propose a plan that covers the development, timeframe and investment needs for a ten year period.
e) Defining a 3 level prioritizing scheme for development: urgent, within 3 years; mid-term, 3-5 years and long-term, 6-10 years.
f) To recommend the carrying out of overlapping building work, whenever possible, in order to avoid duplicities and unnecessary and long interruptions for personnel.

Yolanda Cerezo ( ycp@idom.com )

Meeting between IDOM’s team and the representatives of the ADB in Manila.