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Transport Planning in Warsaw

Effective transport modeling

Promoting innovation, looking for the most effective and cutting-edge solutions on the market is what we do on a daily basis. IDOM is continuously working to meet the challenges of our clients and add value for them. We have just produced a guidebook for the design of intermodal hubs in Warsaw, defining the standards to be used. The aim of this project is to set the guidelines to increase ecological mobility, decrease pollution and improve passenger comfort, reducing connection times.

The guidebook had to be tested so one of the most complex intersections in the city was chosen. For this task, IDOM called on the support of GoodVision, using their platform to obtain the traffic model calibration parameters. The traffic simulation software PTV Vissim and Bentley Legion was used to process these parameters to design a solution to improve the overall traffic conditions for pedestrians, cars and public transport vehicles: tramways and buses, based on the guidelines previously created.

We are committed to developing sustainable mobility solutions and projects, using the most advanced technologies to obtain transport models, to simplify the decision-making process.

August 13, 2020

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David Moncholí ( mobility@idom.com )