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First Line of the Odense Tramway (Denmark)


On April 11, the design of the city’s first tram line was officially presented in Odense (Denmark). IDOM, as the designer of the tram system, was invited to the event that was organized by Odense Letbane (OL). After some short speeches by Mogens Hagelskær (2nd CEO at OL), Peter Rahbæk Juel (the Mayor of Odense), and Jorge Miarnau (the President of COMSA), the ribbon was cut to inaugurate the exhibition. The final appearance of the project was showcased to the attending public, highlighting the design of the stations developed by IDOM. These stations are the main focus of interest for future users.

In this important project for Odense, for which the design and construction was put out to tender, the main tasks of IDOM include the design of the infrastructure of the tracks, the platforms, and the tram stop shelters, the buildings for the substations, workshops, and depots.

Following this, on April 24, the official act to commence the works of the workshops and depot was held. The integration of the architectural design of the building designed by IDOM in the physiognomy of the city was given a special mention.

May 22, 2018

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Features of the project

The tram platform of the new Line 1 runs for 15 km, from Tarup, in the north of the city, to Hjallese, in the south. Twenty-six stops have been planned for the entire line, along with 8 substations, office buildings, workshops and depot.

This project, which allows integration with other forms of transport, will result in the improvement and revaluation of the areas located around the new stations, while providing better access to the centers of interest of the city.


Participating in the events. Representing IDOM, Juan Ramón López (Infrastructures Managing Director), Conchi Ortega (Director of Light Urban Transport), Xabier Ibarra (Project Manager) and part of the permanent team in Denmark: Beatriz Uría and Sara Oneto.