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«Near Zero Energy Consumption» Buildings

IDOM'S Methodology for designing Zero Energy Buildings (ZEB)

On October 23rd last, our colleague Blas Beristain, in charge of energy efficiency and sustainable building, delivered a speech at the VI Congress on Near Zero Energy Buildings. Its title was “Development and implementation of a methodology towards ZEB. Optimum cost”. It explained IDOM’s vision of energy efficiency in building and how we design ZEB in our company, taking into account the entire costs cycle.

The main motto of this new congress was “What to expect after the EECN – a look into the future”. With this approach, the VI Congress on Near Zero Energy Buildings addressed the key issues of the near zero energy buildings in Spain from a comprehensive and multidisciplinary point of view. On this occasion, the congress was held in La Nave, a property of Madrid’s City Council.

You can watch Blas Beristain’s talk following this link

November 22, 2019


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About the Near Zero Energy Buildings Congress

The Near Zero Energy Buildings Congress (EECN) is the main forum where professionals come together to discuss the current state of affairs in the field of High Efficiency Buildings and the implications they represent for building, construction, architecture and related services in our country.

Blas Beristain

Blas Beristain during his presentation