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19 MW Landfill Gas to Energy Plant in Valdemingomez


The Valdemingomez power generation plant uses landfill gas as main fuel and has a net capacity of 18.9 MW.

Since its commissioning in 2003, eight Jenbacher gas engines, of which four are generating units (JGS 620 GS-LL) and four cogeneration units (JMS 620 GS-LL), have provided heat and power at a significative efficiency using landfill gas as fuel. The electricity produced by the engines is sent to the local network, while the heat generated by the cogeneration modules covers internal demands, supplying heat to the plant process to meet the needs of the installation. Moreover, the exhaust gases of engines are used for the generation of steam that allows an additional production of electricity by means of a 1,960 kW PASCH steam turbine.

For the Sufi group, IDOM has developed the complete engineering (basic and detailed engineering) of the power generation plant project.

Waste to Energy

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Basic Engineering
Detailed Engineering

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