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Tri-generation Power Plant for the Silicon Wafers Production – 9.81 MW


IDOM ha proporcionado a Silicio Solar los servicios de EPCM desde el inicio hasta la conclusión del proyecto.

Silicio Solar is the company that is developing the project for a photovoltaic silicon wafer plant in Puertollano (Ciudad Real), with an annual production capacity of 110 MW of wafers. The projected annual production is 20.9 million monocrystalline capsules and 9.2 million multicrystalline capsules.

To ensure a reliable power supply and reduce operating costs, the project includes a trigeneration system consisting of a 10 MWe power plant with alternative engines, 2 recovery boilers, and 3 support absorption machines with a cooling capacity of 2 MW each.

The Tri-generation power plant configuration is based on 6 GE-Jenbacher JMS 612 GS-E11 engine trains (1.6 MW unit power) fueled with natural gas, with a combined net power of 9.81 MW.

IDOM has provided Silicio Solar with EPCM services, from the beginning to the end of the project.

Internal Combustion Engines

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